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TIM WHALEN SEPTET Returns to TWINS JAZZ March 4th & 5th 

Twins Jazz Club 
Friday March 4th & Saturday March 5th 
Sets at 9pm and 11pm 

Ticket Links 
Friday March 4th (9:00 Set) 
Friday March 4th (11:00 Set) 
Saturday March 5th (9:00 Set) 
Saturday March 5th (11:00 Set) 

The Tim Whalen Septet is one of the most exciting jazz groups in Washington DC area, featuring some of the most sought after musicians in the city.  


Tim Whalen - piano 
Tedd Baker - tenor saxophone (Friday) 
Xavier Perez - tenor saxophone (Saturday) 
Antonio Luis Orta - alto saxophone 
Joe Herrera - trumpet 
Reginald Cyntje - trombone (Friday) 
Kevin Cerovich - trombone (Saturday) 
Zack Pride - bass 
Lenny Robinson - drums 

We'll be playing some new music I have written, as well as some other great stuff, including music from my latest album 
Oblivion: the Music of Bud Powell.

Check out some clips of the band HERE!

New Album "Oblivion" makes DC Top 5! 

I'm happy to report that my album Oblivion: the music of Bud Powell made CapitalBop's "5 Best Jazz Albums" list for Washington DC! 

Check out the article HERE

You can pick up your copy of the album HERE

Thank you everyone for your support. 

The Living Room Sessions! 

About a year ago, I began to brainstorm about unique ways in which I could showcase the amazing musicians that I’ve met since moving to Washington DC in 2010. Out of this, comes The Living Room Sessions. 

The concept is very simple. I invite a guest over to my house, set up a bunch of cameras and recording equipment, and once the equipment is set, my guest and I will play together in a duo setting.  After that, we’ll have a conversation so that you, the viewer, can get to know these great artists on a more personal level.

Then, I will edit the video, mix the audio, and create a unique episode for each guest.  I'm challenging myself to compose new music specifically for each guest that comes through the door, and we’ll also play a composition of theirs to round out the program.

Another thing that makes the project very exciting for me is the opportunity to combine the many creative avenues that I have interest in.  Of course, music is my first love, but I’ve also become very interested in multimedia, and this is a perfect way for me to explore that endeavor.

In today’s landscape, us independent musicians need to keep finding new ways to let ourselves be heard and seen. I hope you’ll take a few seconds and sign up on my email list below so you can enjoy this amazing new endeavor!

New Album

Oblivion: the Music of Bud Powell

by Tim Whalen

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This new album features Tim's creative arrangements of the music of the great jazz pianist Bud Powell.

Tim Whalen - piano
Paul Pieper - guitar
Elijah Jamal Balbed - saxophones
Eliot Seppa - bass
Shareef Taher - drums (all tracks except 5 & 9)
Carroll "CV" Dashiell III - drums (tracks 5 & 9

  1. 1 Hallucinations 06:18
    In cart Not Available Out of stock
  2. 2 Parisian Thoroughfare 08:04
    In cart Not Available Out of stock
  3. 3 Kind Bud 05:55
    In cart Not Available Out of stock
  4. 4 Un Poco Loco 06:55
    In cart Not Available Out of stock
  5. 5 Blue Pearl 07:28
    In cart Not Available Out of stock
  6. 6 Oblivion 04:00
    In cart Not Available Out of stock
  7. 7 Celia 06:37
    In cart Not Available Out of stock
  8. 8 Tempus Fugue-It 05:22
    In cart Not Available Out of stock
  9. 9 I'll Keep Loving You 09:19
    In cart Not Available Out of stock
  10. 10 Wail 03:36
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